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Aku ahli MYTV3

Baru- baru nie sempena Jom Heboh kat putrajaya gua sempat singgah semata-mata nak jadi ahlu MyTv3. Harap-harap berbaloi lah dengan usaha wadi. Mana taknya dari cheras ke putrajaya semata-mata nak jadi ahli MYTV3. (ceh buyi macam jauh sangat)

ramai jugak yang bertanya camne nak daftar jadi ahli. 

so bagi yang mana belum daftar tu selamat berdaftar la ye..ahahah

MyTV3 is the first CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program by a broadcasting station towards building a closer rapport between members and TV3. After a successful seven-year tour around the nation, today MyTV3 has now over 950,000 members nationwide. Our membership base continues to grow, and we’re improving our membership benefits along the way!

Read along …

On Air - MyTV3 Programme (Every Sunday 6pm)
MyTV3’s very own 30 minute program…its time to give something back to our core viewers and fans!!

MyDreams : Everyone has a dream…who knows yours might be fulfilled soon?

MyDay : Stay on your toes as we could end up pulling off a prank on you…beware!!!

MyMembers : Have a unique lifestyle that you would like to share with us? Who knows if yours might end up inspiring others!!

MyZone : Stay connected with MyTV3.
* Get the latest info and update of our roving activities through our official website, Facebook and Twitter.
*Highlights of events that you might have been part of.
* Grab a chance to win plenty of cool prizes through our weekly trivia.

1. Meet the Stars!
Everyone has their own favourite personality and in TV3, there are many personalities that greets you almost everyday on-air! It gets better! As a MyTV3 member, you’ll have an exclusive chance to meet them in any of our events organized or co-organized by TV3 or Media Prima.

2. CREW - Karnival JomHeboh!
Our most successful CREW program has received much popularity with our members! As a carnival CREW, you are selected to be part of the 2-days carnival at the selected venues. CREW member will not only receive an incentive token but a T-Shirt, and Certificate of Appreciation (presented by a personality or artist) as well.

3. Fanatic Fan!
Lots of events planned all year round! Our members are often invited to lighten up functions organized or co-organized by TV3 or Media Prima. Be in the limelight during our MyTV3 and TV3 events. Just check out our alerts on TV3!!
• Anugerah Juara Lagu
• Anugerah Skrin
• TV3 Kids School Attack
• TV3 Kids Parade
• Karnival Cuti Sekolah
• Kids Camp
• Majlis Berbuka Puasa MyTV3
• TV3 Kids Movie Magic
• MyTV3 Members Day
• School Attack Splash Bash Party

And many more…!!!

4. Studio Audience
Some of our programs are pre-recorded in the Studios and to give privilege to our MyTV3 members, they will be allocated seats to be part of the audience. Sometimes, there will even be door gifts provided and members get a chance to be on-air! Who knows you might end up meeting the program hosts after the show!

5. Merchandise Discounts
As a MyTV3 member, each time you flash your card at any of our official merchandiser (Karnival JomHeboh or any participating outlets), you will receive a 10% discount.

6. Free tickets
Get free tickets, popcorns and drinks for blockbuster movies of the year and enjoy watching it with your lovely family or friends.

MyTV3 Activation Team – On The Move
A team of dynamic squad that rides in our official MyTV3 vehicles – you can’t miss us on the road. The team travels the nation to reach closer to our members and have a memorable time with them by engaging cool activities with the chance to win exclusive prizes.

How To Join Us And Whats More...Its For LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!!
Registration Fee
RM 10.00 : Adult
RM5.00 : Kids and Teens (below 17 years old)

Registration via SMS
Type MYTV3<space>FULL NAME<#>IC NO send to 33399
Follow next instruction to complete your registration
Please don’t hesitate to call us at 03 77242485(MyTV3 Hotline) to check your member status.
Each SMS will cost you RM 0.50 and an extra RM 3.00 for the membership card


Registration via Money Order
Send your Money Order to :
MyTV3, Brand Management Group,
3rd Floor South Wing, Sri Pentas
No 3 Persiaran Bandar Utama,Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia


You can just meet us at MyTV3 Booth at Karnival Jom Heboh.

What are you waiting for then??? Its about time you join us!!!

lepas daftar bolehla dapatkan update aktiviti yang mytv3 ada kat FB.

mutiara kata:

"Setiap orang dapat mencapai kejayaan dalam hal apa saja, asalkan ia sangat menyukai pekerjaan yang dilakukan."